Happy Hens

Info On Our Ladies

Our chickens are free range chickens. They have room to roam and wander around on our twelve acre farm. We have more than 7 different kinds of chickens on the farm. Their normal diet consists of  certified organic chicken feed once a day and as many bugs that they can find out in the dirt. When the sun goes down they chickens all start to roost back in the coop, when they are all in the coop we close them in so that they are safe from any harmful critters that may come out at night. At first light we let them out so they can wander around, stretch their legs, and lay their eggs! They have nesting boxes in our chicken coop and outside our coop on shelving that they can easily access to lay their eggs. They happy hens don't just give us white eggs either! When we go out to get our eggs we find all different colors; like, green, blue, brown, and a couple other colors too! Click the link over there to find out about our different kinds of hens and the color eggs they lay!

More About Our Different Hens

Be sure to check out all our different kinds of hens we have at Four Arches Farm.

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